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There were only a few Pinoy nurse Shooting Star necklaces ever made...

And I want you to have one for free

The Pinoy Nurse Shooting Star Necklace
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A token of our appreciation 
The Pinoy Nurse
Like the rising sun
Works her shift
Until the job is done

Morning or night
She labors away
Midnight moonlight
Or a bright sunny day

Right after her shift
She's off heading home
her families a gift
Thanking God she's not alone
2020 has been a challenging year for all of us! And Thank USA Workers is dedicated to showing appreciation to the selfless workers that make our world a better place! This token of appreciation goes out to the Pinoy nurses working hard taking care of us at a time we need them most

"I got my co-worker the Pinoy Nurse Shooting star necklace and she absolutely loved it"


"Very beutiful! Thank you a lot"

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  • ​Handcrafted in the United States
  • ​Free today
  • ​Just cover the shipping
  • The adjustable oblate cable chain allows the necklace to be worn at 18" to 22" in length
order your free necklace now and Get a nomination to have your story and picture featured in our annual medical worker's appreciation calendar 

We believe that YOUR

We may not be a big corporation ran by businessmen. But we do believe in taking action to show our appreciation. Pinoy nurses change the world! 

We can not give these away forever!

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